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With a strong family history in the clothing industry, right back to his great grandfather, Johannes, shown on the right (a tailor to Queen Victoria & Prince Albert, no less!) Pete is an internationally experienced merchant who has worked in Retail and Wholesale for internationally recognised brands such as Levi Strauss, Timberland , Tommy Hilfiger, Barbour and Ellesse. He started out at the age of 18 as a trainee buyer for a European Clothing Wholesaler, Campari International Plc, where he was mentored by the managing director and his father John, in all aspects of design, product development, sampling, sourcing, buying, brand franchises and major account selling. This led to the opportunity of travelling the world extensively around Europe, the Far East and the United States, providing him with a rich understanding of different cultures and the ways of doing business on the international stage.

From there Pete went on to live and work in Germany, then back to the UK where he set up a designer fashion store business with a good friend in Clapham, South London. He went on to work for Timberland EMEA out of their UK base; then consulted for the Pentland Group (with the Ellesse brand); then to Levi Strauss Europe as Design & Merchandise Director for Dockers EMEA; then to Simonside, near Newcastle to consult on the J Barbour & Sons clothing brand; before moving overseas once again to work as Senior Merchandise Director Menswear for Tommy Hilfiger Europe, in Amsterdam.

On returning home once more, he then began doing small consulting projects. That led him to become, a creative industry focussed business adviser initially, with LSBC, as part of a London based business advisory team. 

With the above experience/background Pete has developed strong business insights and an entrepreneurial approach to developing business strategies, as he works with both new & established businesses including young fashion creatives; artists, service industry professionals and a multitude of online businesses.

In assisting in the process of setting up a business by developing business plans; financial projections; product management strategies  & gaining access to business funding, Pete has developed a broad skill set that is well appreciated by those who work/have worked with him.

He now also works with the British Library to deliver quality and popular business planning and business development workshops.


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